TS2 Enhancer 2.0

Rick Halle (Shareware)

TS2 Enhancer is an application that allows users to edit neighborhoods and characters for the life simulation game The Sims 2. The program’s main interface is where users can access the different items that can be edited. The application comes with a comprehensive guide that allows users to understand how to use the application. Some of the items that can be changed include characters, personalities, relationships, interests, skills, and jobs. Below are some of the attributes that can be changed for different sections in the game.

• Characters – Under the characters window, users can change the biography of the character, first and last name, gender, life stage, and the fitness level. Users can also change the number of days for the character’s current life stage.
• Neighborhood – The neighborhood window displays information about a certain neighborhood in the game. With the program, users can change the neighborhood’s name, as well as the description. The neighborhood can also be backed up to a folder in the hard drive.
• Jobs – This tool is handy when users want to change the job of a certain character in the game. Some of the attributes that can be modified include the career type, job, school, grade, and the character’s performance. The pension amount and number of vacation days can be changed as well.