TS Player

Ace Stream Media (Freeware)

TS Player is a streaming platform developed by Ace Stream Media. This player is now known as Ace Stream and described as an enhanced version of the famous VLC player. This application lets users watch videos using torrent files. It supports various file formats and URI protocols like .torrent, .tstreat, .acestream, live streaming, and other audio and video on demand. It utilizes a revolutionary P2P technology for seamless streaming. HD streaming is also supported and extends plugins for libvlc-based web players.

Ace Stream also supports BitTorrent accelerator. Offering this feature does not only guarantee flawless streaming, but also streaming media at its maximum speed. People within the P2P network benefit from this accelerator. The stream player allows players to watch media and create their own live streams. Once created, this live stream can be broadcasted to other people using the P2P network.

Unlike other players, this media player can work with other platforms installed in the computer. It is compatible with media centers, giving way to enhanced viewing experience instead of sticking with regular streaming. The player may also support magnet-links, which many people access as URI protocol resources for their downloads. TS Player also highlights easy to use interface, providing simple streaming for everyone using the platform.