TrueTransparency (Freeware)

TrueTransparency is an application that allows users to have transparent windows. The application does not need to be installed in the computer in order for it to work. After executing the application, windows of applications will the transparent effect. However, the program does not change windows for all programs installed in the computer. It only supports standard applications that come pre-installed in the computer.

TrueTransparency does not come with its own interface. The icon sits on the computer’s system tray and users can access the settings by right clicking on the icon. The application comes with an Exclude Manager. When clicked, it displays a list of all the running applications on the computer. Users can then set the rules for applying the transparent window to the applications by right clicking and choosing include or exclude from the choices. Excluded applications will retain the regular Window style, while included applications will have the transparent window.

The menu on the system tray also allows users to set the skin for the transparency effect. TrueTransparency comes with five different skins – Aero, Aero 1, Aero 1, Seven, and CXP. The program’s language can also be changed from the menu. The application can run at system start-up and does not use up the system’s resources.