TrueRTA 3.5.4

True Audio® (Shareware)

TrueRTA is an audio analyzer developed by True Audio. RTA stands for Real Time Analyzer. This program works by harnessing the power of Digital Signal Processing or DSP methods. TrueRTA enables users to view frequency bands across 240 bands comprising the audio spectrum. This program also features professional audio mastering, audio mixing, and recording capabilities. This program features a real time audio analyzer, a dual trace oscilloscope, a low distortion signal generator, a crest factor meter, and a digital level meter.

TrueRTA has a real time audio analyzer which enables users to view a graphical equivalent of what they are hearing. This graphical display is in waveform, the size of which can be variable to allow for shorter samples.  The audio spectrum analyzer offers several functions. This program enables users to manage audio equipment frequency responses. This is done through the Quick Sweep functionality using a short digital sweep or chirp to measure the response of systems in terms of frequency. This program can also analyze an audio source’s distortion characteristics. Aside from audio equipments, this program enables users to measure an acoustic environment’s noise characteristics. This program also offers production testing and audio product design. Additionally, it can also serve as a music learning and voice learning aid. Aside from that, this program may be used to test and design musical instruments.