TruePianos Standalone 1.9.5

4Front Technologies, Inc. (Shareware)

TruePianos is an application that allows users to play a piano on their computer. This program’s main window displays a piano complete with all the keys. Underneath the piano are options for presets and performance. The application offers several modules that give the user the option to choose which piano sound to use. The program also has an advanced interface where the controls for the piano can be accessed. Some of the settings include the preset (performance, wide, pop, rock, standard, dense, and delicate), and the module (Emerald, Diamond, Sapphire, Atlantis, and others). The piano’s output level and velocity control can also be changed with the sliders provided.

TruePianos has an Options menu where users can improve the sound quality of the virtual instrument. Users can use sympathetic resonance and increased polyphony by placing a checkmark on the boxes beside them. The keyboard dynamics can be changed by moving the slider.

The settings chosen by the user can be saved as well. This makes it easier for users to maintain the same quality of sound each time the program is launched. TruePianos offers demonstration videos and performances that can be downloaded from the application’s official website. Some of the items on the website are free, while others must be purchased.