TrueCrypt Foundation (Freeware)

TrueCrypt is an OTFE (on the fly encryption) application. It is capable of protecting important files and documents that are stored in a computer. The program is capable of creating a virtual disk that is encrypted. This can be mounted and read as a 'real' disk on the computer. TrueCrypt has several individual algorithms used for encryption including Serpent, Twofish, AES, and combinations of these three. The application offers users complex passwords for complete protection. Encrypted files that are stored in the local hard drive can be easily accessed with the password. Once the disk has been dismounted, the files are no longer accessible on the computer.

TrueCrypt has a built-in manual for beginners. There is also a volume creation wizard for users to read as a guide on how to make the most out of the software. Apart from encrypting files and documents on a computer, the program is also capable of encrypting entire storage devices, like USB thumb drives or external hard drives.

Other features of the program include the following:
Hidden volume and operating system (steganography)
Pre-boot authentication
Parallelization and pipelining of data for fast access
Hardware-accelerated encryption on some processors
Automatic dismount on system shutdown