TrueBoxShot (Shareware)

True BoxShot is an application that enables users to see what a cover box would look like when a cover label is printed out. The program is easy to use and novice computer users will be able to operate the application. This program has a wizard that enables users to create projects easily. Some of the projects that can be created are for stand-up boxes, CDs, book covers, manuals, and home collections.

The program’s interface has three parts in default view. The preview for the project is located on the right side of the window and the different settings are located underneath the preview and on the left panel of the window. Under the preview window, users can find five different tabs for viewing the preview. These are Camera, Light, Shadow, Reflection, and Bakground. This enables users to look at the project in different conditions.

Other features of the True BoxShot program are the following:

• comes with several templates that can be utilized for creating all sorts of projects
• easy to use and does not require design knowledge to use
• allows users to create high quality projects
• supports different file formats including GIF, PNG, BMP, and JPG