True Transparency

CustomXP.Net (Freeware)

True Transparency enables its user to alter the window’s borders of a computer by skins comprised of transparent images. Skins are graphical user interface elements that can be altered to change the look of an interface without having an effect on its functionality. It allows the windows’ borders to appear fully transparent or translucent, depending on the user’s preference. Vista-like transparency results are translated into one’s opaque XP windows borders.

The free application comes with no installation process and has low memory usage, thus using up very little of a computer system’s resources.  It will simply put an inconspicuous icon in one’s system tray. Its skins are also highly configurable.  One can easily change the design of one’s Windows GUI efficiently by a single-click skin selector.  Its context menu allows the user the flexibility to choose from six different skins available, each rendering a certain degree of transparency from a “slightly translucent” to a “fully transparent” feel to the outer borders of one’s windows. An extensive list of languages is also available which allows its user to customize the context menu. True Transparency is easy to turn on and off. The user has the option to launch the program automatically at startup. Turning off the application can be done by exiting the application on its icon display.