True Crime: New York City

Aspyr Media, Inc. (Proprietary)

Aspyr Media’s True Crime: New York City takes gamers into the streets of New York and the city’s criminal underworld.  Taking on the role of crime lord-turned-police officer Marcus Reed, they must embark on an undercover mission to track down a mole in the force and find the murderer of their mentor, detective Terry Higgins.

Through the course of the game, players investigate four of the city’s most notorious crime families, and while engaged in this mission, they also face other challenges that city life offers, including random acts of felony by gangs, small-time criminals, and hoodlums.  There are street fights, high-speed chases and shootouts involving different vehicles, brutal hand-to-hand combat, use of weaponry and explosives, and more.

True Crime: New York City is a free world game, and players can venture into the city’s streets, go through buildings, stores, restaurants, and other locations.  It features many sites in New York in great detail, and gamers can even purchase items in some shops, get goods from the black market, and eat at a nearby hotdog stand for additional health.  They can get around on foot, by subway, by cab, or by purchasing a car from one of the local dealers. People in the game also react differently, depending on the player’s manner of handling a variety of situations.

True Crime® New York City features two possible game endings, depending on the players’ decision towards the finale.