Trucks & Trailers

SCS Software (Shareware)

Trucks & Trailers is a truck driving simulation program developed by SCS Software. SCS Software is known for publishing other driving simulation programs such as German Truck Simulator, Euro Truck Simulator, and UK Simulator. Truck & Trailers teaches players how to perform complex moves using the monsters of the road. The goal of the game is for players to deliver the goods across nation or continents on time. Players should also be able to complete about over 50 short missions included in the game.

Players will start by completing the training part (Basic Trucking 1-7) of the game. The training missions will teach players the basics of the game from basic operations to more complicated ones. Once these are complete, other missions will be unlocked including the parking speed test, rest stop, transporter and more. Each task or mission has a corresponding goal. The description for each task is provided in the game’s main window. Users may also choose between three difficulty levels. About 7 truck types are also available in the game. Players have the choice to select the color they want. Achievements are also displayed per game difficulty. Available achievements include driver’s license, bollywood, old surehand, perfectionist, etc… The main window also consists of configuration options that allow the users to set certain game parameters. Available configuration options include Display, Graphics Performance Preset, Controller, and Gameplay.