Truck Racing by Renault Trucks

Game Seed (Freeware)

Truck Racing is a racing game for the computer featuring Renault trucks. Renault Trucks have been involved with truck racing since 2007. In the game, the player gets to choose a Renault truck to play against other players. There are 4 race tracks to race on (Costa Peligrosa, Nordring, Terra Calda, Les 2 Lacs). There are online races featuring 16 different opponents. There is also an online ranking wherein players who get the highest score can rank among the highest in online ranking. Trucks can also be customized through the integrated creation tool. With this tool, players can change various parts of the truck depending on their choices. It also has a skin tool where the truck's color and appearance can be changed.

In Truck Racing, realistic trucks modeled after Renault trucks can be played by the players to race against a number of opponents online. The game can be played in by-the-shoulder view, wherein the player has a view of the race inside the truck beside the driver's shoulder. The game can also be played in 1st-person and third-person views. In the first-person view, the gameplay screen displays the race time, best lap, and the lap time in the upper left corner while the speedometer that display's the truck's speed is displayed in the lower left. The race map is displayed in the center-right.