Tropical Swaps 2

Crystal Squid Ltd. (Shareware)

Tropical Swaps 2 is an action puzzle game developed by the company, Crystal Squid. In this game, the player can choose from among three modes: the Smoothie Stall, in which the player creates various fruit smoothies using different tropical fruits; Tikitastic, wherein the player puts together tikis for waiting guests; and Firework Extravaganza, wherein the player sets off colorful fireworks. All three modes require the player to assemble the correct components that appear from the bottom of the screen.

In the Smoothie Stall mode, the goal of the player is to prepare and serve fruit smoothies to customers as fast as possible. The quicker the smoothies are served, the higher the points earned because of combo bonuses. With the money points, the player can purchase new recipes and equipment upgrades. In the Tikitastic mode, the player must construct a given number of totems within a time limit. Upgrades can also be earned by producing the same kind of tikis consecutively. In the Firework Extravaganza mode, the player can earn points by building rockets – the bigger the rocket, the more points are collected. Bonuses in this mode come in the form of blueprints of new types of rocket. Players can also try out mini-games such as a fruit memory game, a tiki target shooting game, and at times firework assembly challenge.