Tropical Fish 3D Screensaver 1.0

3Planesoft (Shareware)

Tropical Fish 3D screen saver is an application developed by 3Planesoft that displays an underwater marine ecosystem. The application has a 3D animation that brings each element into life. Colorful fish are displayed in the screen which moves from one coral to another. These tropical fish have fantastic shapes and are of every imaginable color such as red, blue and yellow. These marine species produce air bubbles which slowly rise into the water surface.  The underwater landscape is very diverse and beautiful which depicts the mysterious surface of the sea. Sunlight passes through the water which reaches the exterior of coral reefs and other green life forms. The sound effect gives a relaxing and peaceful mood that compliments the aquatic scenery.  The application has only one type of view mode which enables user to see fish in close up, similar from an aquarium set up.

The application can be downloaded from the main website of 3planesoft. Halloween 3D Screensaver is a shareware application which allows users to download and install the trial version of the program. A trial version grants users to access the features of the program in a given period of time. Once the trial period is expired, users should buy the application.