Tropical Farm

Rionix (Shareware)

Tropical Farm is a farming-themed time management game developed by Rionix and published by Alawar Entertainment. The game follows the plight of a tropical paradise called Greenfield Islands, specifically the tornado that hit it. In order to rehabilitate the islands, the government decides to hold a competition that grants each participating resident an island. The contestants are responsible for raising funds to restore their respective islands. The winner is determined by identifying the resident who successfully raises the value of his/her island and leases it for at least fifty years. The player assumes the role of a contestant who figures out a strategy to cultivate delicious and healthy crops in a matter of seconds.

To accomplish the goal, the player must take on a variety of tasks that include planting different fruit and vegetable crops like bananas, corn, grapes, and pineapples. Another important task is raising animals such as bees, ostriches, and peacocks. As the game progresses, the production of trading goods becomes more complicated. Cultivating plants entails planting the seeds, adequately watering them, and making sure that they are properly weeded. Produce can be harvested after just five seconds and immediately sold to interested buyers. The game consists of 45 levels, each of which comes with a set profit goal. The number of orders increases as the player reaches higher levels.