TrojanHunter LiveUpdate 5.5.1002

Mischel Internet Security (Shareware)

TrojanHunter Live Update is a security tool developed by Mischel Internet Security for scanning and removing Trojans and other malware from the computer’s system. Using this software, users can have a scanner and antivirus software in one utility.  It has a database that updates automatically once the application is installed. The database contains several virus signatures that are used for detecting computer viruses.

TrojanHunter Live Update has two major components, namely the TrojanHunter Guard and the TrojanHunter Scan. The TrojanHunter Guard is a tool for providing real-time protection of the computer’s system against various malware. TrojanHunter Scan is a tool for scanning the system, placing harmful programs into quarantine, and exploring the hard disk drive of a computer for other threats.

TrojanHunter Live Update allows users to schedule system scans automatically and for getting live updates using the Internet. It has a feature called the Advanced Trojan Analyzer that uses several scanning techniques in order to detect Trojans and other malware. Some scanning techniques include the following:

• Memory scanning – This is used to detect a modified type of a Trojan.
• Port scanning – This is used to detect open Trojan ports.
• Registry scanning – This is used to track down Trojans in the registry.
• Inifile scanning – This is used to track down Trojans in any configuration file.