Mischel Internet Security (Shareware)

TrojanHunter is a program that provides security for computer users. Detecting potential threats in the form of Trojans and other malware or viruses is what this program does. It has been developed to use a database containing millions of known computer viruses. This makes it able to detect any potential threats to any computer system. Aside from the guarding application, there is also a scanning application that comes with this program. These two functions make it possible for the application to conduct a thorough scan of computer systems, hard drives included, and deliver a useable report afterwards.

Aside from the ability to scan computers for viruses and other malware, the program can also be used to register and store scanned information. This means that when certain viruses are detected, aside from cleaning them up, the program also makes a log of the event for future reference. Because the program takes note of the viruses that have already attacked the system, it does a better job at protecting the system against future attacks. Aside from high-speed file scanning, TrojanHunter can also detect Trojans that have been modified over time. There are features other than virus detection and memory scanning, such as:

• Technical support
• Help files
• Net stat viewer
• Live update
• Process list generation