TrojanHunter Guard

Mischel Internet Security (Shareware)

Mischel Internet Security released the TrojanHunter Guard program as a security tool for different computer systems. This is an application that is easy to use and reliable when it comes to the removal of Trojans from a particular system. Aside from harmful Trojans, the same application can be used to remove other types of malware from a computer. Installing the program is easy and as soon as the system completes the setup process, the user can immediately scan and update the system for any prevailing virus signatures.

There are a couple of features that program users can expect. TrojanHunter Guard works side by side with a scanning element. The kind of protection that can be applied by these to a computer system works in real-time. The program can be used to scan a device for potential threats. The hard drive can also be scanned for any potential viruses.

Users have the ability to configure the tool to suit their needs. Scheduling tasks is an available feature that users can take advantage of. It is possible for users to set automatic scans with this application. Automatic updates can also be configured to the user's preference. The program carries a database of viruses that can easily detect harmful elements on a computer. The program has a database containing millions of virus signatures.