Trojan Scanner 6.8.5

Simply Super Software (Shareware)

Trojan Scanner, also called Trojan Remover, is a security application that removes threats from the computer. It is capable of detecting and removing Trojans, spyware, worms, and adware. The application is designed for automatic removal of threats. Users do not need to remove files manually or scan the registry. It is also capable or removing the system modifications left by threats. Trojan Scanner launches at boot time and looks for files that are hidden by rootkits.

The application displays a pop-up warning whenever a threat is detected. Users can view the file location, the name, and other information about the threat. Each time a scan is performed, the application records a detailed log file of activities. The log file contains the programs that are launched during boot time, and the activities that the application performed.

One of the features of the application is FastScan. This tool automatically scans the computer for malware each time the system is booted up. FastScan can manually be launched, too. A scan schedule can be set on the Windows task Scheduler.

Trojan Remover comes with a help file that covers the tasks that can be done by the application. It also has a built-in Updater that automatically checks the database for updates.