Trivia Machine

Big Fish Games (Shareware)

Trivia Machine is a fun game that features thousands of trivia questions for the player to answer. It can be played by the entire family. The game features 9 categories and it is a good way to learn more about different topics. Some of the topics featured include science, music, technology, television, geography, and history. The game’s interface looks just like a machine. There are also three difficulty levels – elementary, scholar, and genius. Each category and difficulty level has a designated score value. The player is awarded the score when the trivia question is answered correctly.

Each question is also timed. The time is represented by the bar that diminishes at the top of the question box. The player must supply an answer before the time runs out. There is also a lighting round where the player must answer as many correct answers possible in a given amount of time. The points will then count towards the player’s final score.

Here are the other features of the Trivia Machine game:

• Thousands of questions to answer from different categories
• Questions are automatically downloaded to the game
• Hours of gameplay that is ideal for the entire family
• Learn information about different topics and categories