TripMaker 2000

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TripMaker 2000 is a flexible and fully equipped utility that may be used to plan overnight trips or weekend getaways. This is a resource that contains tips, directions, reservations, as well as hotel and dining recommendations.

TripMaker 2000 is useful in activities such as planning trips and finding addresses of friends, co-workers and family members. Street-level maps may also be printed so that the traveler can take them along. One of the key fey features of this utility are the tools especially added for people traveling with kids such as Parent Corner and the GPS with special features with the needs of children in mind.

This utility has the following features:
• Tools and resources for families going on a road-trip with their RVs
• Travel guides for new travelers and families
• Maps at street level of 82 cities in the United States
• Links to the Web for weather updates along the road
• Download tool for installation of directions and maps on devices running on Palm OS 3.0 and up

TripMaker 2000 also has an online notebook feature that stores locations and directions. A bonus trip pack is part of the bundle, which includes a printout of cost sheets, maps, and other items needed for travelling.