TriplePlay Plus! in English

Syracuse Language Systems (Proprietary)

TriplePlay Plus! in English is an educational program suite that is developed for users learning English as a second language. It has multimedia features that cater to learners age 8 and above. It provides tools that help users develop skills in speaking, listening, and reading in English. It can be used both in independent home learning and in a classroom setting. In addition, this program suite may also be used by those doing research in the study of second language acquisition.

One of the key features of TriplePlay Plus! in English is its variety of games that enable users to develop their vocabulary and their knowledge on the different parts of speech, such as nouns, verbs, adjectives, and prepositions. There are 32 games in total covering six main subjects: transportation, food, people, numbers, places, and home and office. As a multimedia application, the program has an automatic speech recognition feature that lets learners practice their pronunciation and reading skills. The spoken words are recorded and played back, and the program provides immediate feedback. The application can also connect to various language-learning resources online.

TriplePlay Plus! in English can be used by learners of different skill levels. Level 1 teaches users basic words and simple phrases; Level 2 lets learners practice what they have learned and turn the basic phrases into sentences. Level 3 develops the learners’ conversational English skills.