TripleA is a strategy-centered virtual board game that is turn-based. This simply means that all players get equal amounts of playtime during the game. This program is similar to the game called Risk. Aside from the main TripleA board game, the program also serves as an engine for board game downloads. Through the network, people can download hundreds of other games. This particular game and the other games found on the network can be played by a single player against artificial intelligence or a computer opponent. This game makes use of the programming language Java, the popularity of which allows its installation and operation on various operating systems.

In TripleA, players can expect multiple maps for variations in gameplay. The different terrain in these maps provides the game with additional strategic elements that a player can use to his advantage. A significant part of the game involves the production of IPCs or Industrial Production Certificates, which the player then uses to buy new units. The maps are from the Napoleonic Wars, World War II, the Punic wars and other prominent military events in history. The object of the game is for the player to formulate the best strategy to eliminate the enemy’s forces and take over the map to win the game.