Frozenbyte (Proprietary)

Trine is an action puzzle game developed by Frozenbyte and released on July 2009. It is a medieval fantasy game developed on a side-scrolling action platform. It features single-player and multiplayer gameplay. In single player mode, the player controls one of three playable characters or all three simultaneously. The characters are shown each with their own energy and health meters. Energy is replenished by collecting blue bottles while, heart-shaped containers replenish health levels. Player experience rating is shared by all characters, which can be replenished by collecting green bottles. Aside from that, this game enables players to collect other items including charms that are spread out throughout the game. This game also features cooperative gameplay through the multiplayer mode. Trine features full physics interaction using Nvidia’s PhysX gaming engine.

Trine enables the user to control three characters in solving environmental puzzles. These characters are a wizard, a knight, and a thief. The thief, Zoya, is armed with a bow and an arrow, while the wizard, Amadeus, uses Magic or sorcery to conjure things and move objects from one location to another. The knight’s weapons include a sword and a shield. This game features enemy characters like bats, spiders, and walking skeletons. Boss enemies include gigantic creatures and giant skeletons. Players also encounter fireballs, lava, booby traps, and even giant pendulums.