TriDef 3D 5.7

DDD Group Plc. (Proprietary)

TriDef 3D is a 3D viewing software developed by DDD Group and released in December 2012. It allows users to view a variety of media files in 3D. These include 3D games, photos , and movies. It provides support to more than 730 video games including Need for Speed Most Wanted, Far Cry 3, and Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3. TriDef 3D also provides support to a variety of web programs including Google Earth.

TriDef 3D works by automatically converting PC media files, DVDs, and photos to a 3D file.  This program also features a variety of 3D view formats including 2D plus depth, side by side, and top/bottom. For 3D computer game viewing, TriDef 3D supports DirectX 9, 10, and 11 encoding. This program also supports a majority of system manufacturers. TriDef 3D also supports a variety of 3D display types. These include active shutter, passive polarized, and glasses-free 3D displays. TriDef 3D also has TV and mobile versions. For the TV version, TriDef 3D automatically converts regular 2D movies into 3D viewable movies.

TriDef 3D features a simple gray user interface. The Control Panel  shows a tabbed selection for Settings, Advanced settings,  and About. TriDef 3D Settings tab allows users to specify the Current 3D display as to Manufacturer and Model. The Settings tab also allows users to select the installed video card model. It also allows users to set the 3D Display Resolution according to their preference.