Trials 2: Second Edition

RedLynx Ltd (Proprietary)

Trials 2: Second Edition is a racing video game released in 2008. As a racing game, the main objective is to go from the start of the level, go through different hurdles, and then reach the final destination with the highest speed. The game requires that the player exercise control over his or her balance and the motorcycle speed so he or she can stay on track and not fall. The game utilizes three-dimensional graphics and has various camera modes which include 1st person, cinematic, and 3rd person modes. It also includes a clock on the main interface so players can keep track of the time and adjust their speeds accordingly.

Trials 2: Second Edition can be played on both single player and multi-player modes. The multi-player mode includes a ghost challenge where the player competes with a player included in the high score list. There are online replays of the high score rides on the global high score list. The game stores online player profiles with their corresponding teams, countries, and statistics for reference. There are around 25 achievements to unlock and 65 tracks to play. Players can record and share their races, as well as communicate with other online players through the in-game chat room.