Trial Bike Ultra

MyPlayCity (Freeware)

Trial Bike Ultra is a casual game that was released in 2009. Developed by MyPlayCity it is a motorcycle racing game. Players choose motorcycles and then race in different tracks. To get to the next level, players have to finish a motor track first. A score is given for every passing level. The amount of score that players can have decreases for every second that gone by. This means the quicker the race finishes a track, the more scores he can have. Playing with different people from around the world is possible. There is an online board where users can post their best scores. The top 10 players who have the best scores can be viewed by everyone.

Trial Bike Ultra features race tracks that have artificial and natural obstacles. This is similar with the real-life motorcycle racing sport. Flips are possible anywhere, not just in obstacles. There are 4 motorcycles to choose from. Each one has different specifications which can influence how it moves in the race tracks. Difficulty is increased in “Realism” mode where physics also play part in the game. Trial Bike Ultra features 3D graphics and trance music soundtrack. There are a number of levels with different difficulty.

Other features include the following:

• Easy menu
• Play offline
• Real physics