Trend Micro Worry-Free Business Security

Trend Micro Inc. (Shareware)

Trend Micro Worry-Free Business Security, or WFBS, is a program developed by Trend Micro Inc. to help protect small business users and their assets from possible identity theft, data theft, spams and risky websites. This program is available in two editions – Standard and Advanced.

The program is fully integrated with Trend Micro Smart Protection Network, the company’s cloud-client content security. It also features Smart Feedback that offers nonstop communication between Trend Micro’s 24/7 threat research centers and Trend Micro products. There’s also the Web Reputation technology, which is used for tracking the Web domains’ credibility. A tool for validating IP addresses is available as well. The program also features File Reputation technology, which is used for checking the file’s reputation against in-the-cloud database. Other main features of WFBS include Smart Scan and URL Filtering.

Trend Micro WFBS has five main components. There’s the Security Server, which hosts the program’s Web Console. This component enables users to view Agents, security status information and configuring system security. The second component is the Security Agent, which reports to the Security Server. This component sends latest event status information including threat detection, Agent shutdown, Agent startup, scan start and update completion. Another component is the Web Console. This is the centralized management console of the program and it is used for configuring Agents. There’s also the Clients component. These are the servers, desktops and laptops where the Security Agent is installed. The final component is the Virus Scan Engine. This scan engine is the one responsible for detecting possible threats.