Trellix Web(tm) 2.5

Trellix Corporation (Freeware)

Trellix Web(tm) 2.5 is a development application that enables users to build websites for personal or business use. For businesses, this application assists companies not only in developing sites but also in managing information on their corporate intranets. This utility is usually found integrated with certain Web publishers, such as Tripod and Fortune City. A standalone, paid version of the application is also available for download with the Trellix Web Site Creation Kit book and CD-ROM.

This application allows users to build or create, edit, manage, host, and promote a website. Both professional and personal websites can be created with this Web page building tool. It has basic and advanced features. This website development tool has an easy-to-use website control panel. It allows website builders to access editing tools in creating or modifying every page of their sites. There are about 300 built-in templates included that are ready to edit and publish in a single click. Customizing the designs from more than 25,000 options is also a major feature of this tool.

Other features of Trellix Web(tm) 2.5 are:
• Adding photos, videos, audios, and other add-ons (i.e. PayPal button, e-Bay button, Flash animation, blogs, guest books)
• Drag and drop navigation tool with sub-navigation buttons
• Preview, publish, and promote website