TreeSize Professional / Personal

JAM Software (Shareware)

TreeSize Professional is a disk-management application first developed in 1996. This program enables users to view the current status and performance of their hard drive. TreeSize Professional shows the amount of space that the user’s files, folders and programs occupy within the hard drive. It also allows its users to determine the amount of free space available. TreeSize professional displays disk usage by means of a color-coded pie chart or by a 3D bar graph. Disk usage is denoted in percentage.

TreeSize Professional can perform an overall analysis of the computer’s hard drive and then provide the user a printable summary of disk usage information. This information can be exported to MS Excel, HTML, XML or text file. The summary shows the computer’s disk partitions along with the folders and their corresponding size. The program also displays the user information of the files and folders, such as the author and the date the file was added. In addition, users can view the NTFS compression rate for all available drives. TreeSize Professional also shows the amount of duplicate files, old inactive files, and programs that take up large amounts of disk space. Users can choose to free up disk space by moving or deleting these files.