TreeSize Free 2.70

JAM Software (Freeware)

TreeSize Free is a disk space analyzer that displays the contents of a folder and all the sub-folders inside it. The application can be accessed from the menu of a folder or by clicking on its icon located on the system tray. When a folder is selected, the size of the folder and all its contents are displayed, too. This allows users to see the items that are taking up the most space in the system. The program is integrated to the system and this enables the right-click function when a folder is selected.

Aside from displaying the file size of folders and files, the program also shows other data, such as the allocated space, number of files, sorting, and compression rate.

Other main features of the TreeSize Free program include the following:
• Simple and easy to use interface
• Displays detailed view of the item’s attributes
• Switch between folder levels quickly
• Export data as XML, text, or HTML

TreeSize Free provides a full report of the allocation of files in the system. The report can be displayed as a bar graph, pie chart, or tree map, and can be printed out for the user’s reference.