SpanSoft (Shareware)

TreeDraw is a genealogy application for Windows users. In functions as a chart editor to assist users in making and printing their family trees. It is able to enhance the family trees imported from the databases of the application Kith and Kin Pro or from GEDCOM files made by other applications for genealogy. When the family tree data have been imported, users can combine family trees and add photos, graphics, and text. When done, the created genealogy charts can be saved as PDF files or printed directly from the program.

This application makes it simple and easy for users to incorporate graphics, photos, and clipart to their family trees. Users have full control over the data that the application imports from other programs and how these are formatted into the application. Family trees can be simple or complex, depending on user preferences. Users can combine ancestral and descendant trees from several files to create complex genealogy charts that can be extended in any directions.

Users who are also working with Kith and Kin Pro can benefit from TreeDraw’s linking function that is capable of maintain a link among the chart text elements and their source field located in the Kith and Kin Pro database. With this function, changes made to text elements using Kith and Kin will be automatically reflected on TreeView.