Treasure Mole 1.1

Alawar Entertainment (Shareware)

Treasure Mole is a game where the mole, which is the game’s main character must fight against enemies and accumulate gold nuggets. Each level of the game requires a player to gain a specific number of gold nuggets and fight off and destroy a designated number of enemies. A right corner panel presents the game’s objective for a particular level the player is on. As the mole goes on his way he will encounter various minerals and gems that he must gather to accumulate game points. The total number of lives and points left are presented at the screen’s bottom portion. Best game players may become a part of the game’s Hall of Fame.

Various obstacles are presented in the game, such as falling stones and impassable terrain. Weapons and intelligence must both be used to overcome such hurdles. When the mole tries to gather treasure, he must dig for them and in the process avoid getting stuck and dying.  If the mole gets stuck, the player may press the F9 button for the mole to commit suicide. Relaxed and competitive players may play the game which is comprised of 3 difficulty levels with a total of 90 game levels. The game does not allow for a player to play it in windowed mode. The game’s video resolution may not be altered also. Lastly, game control keys may also not be customized by users.