Binary Fortress Software (Freeware)

TrayStatus is a group of utilities that lets users view the activities of keyboard functions and drives that do not have indicator lights. It displays what functions are currently active or inactive on the computer. Some laptops do not display on the keyboard if a function is currently active or not. Supported functions and utilities are the following:

• Num Lock - This displays if the Num Lock key is currently active or not. This function controls the number keys that are often on the right side of the keyboard.
• Caps Lock - If this key is active, the letters in the keyboard will be in capital letters when pressed.
• Scroll Lock - If this is activated, all scrolling techniques are locked.
• Alt key - If this is turned on, it changes the functions of other keys that are pressed simultaneously.
• Control Key - This key is typically pressed together with another key to perform a unique operation.
• Shift Key - This key is often used to type in capital letters.
• Windows Key Status - Pressing this key often takes the user to the Start menu.
• Hard Drive Monitoring Activity - This function allows the user to monitor the activity of the hard drive.

Each utility has an icon displayed on Windows’ task bar. The user can select which utility should be in the task bar.