TrayMin Application

Philips (Proprietary)

TrayMin Application is a tray utility developed by PC magazine and released on January 2000. The program enables users to utilize the tray as dock for minimized programs. The program does this by adding a functionality to the minimize button found on every program window. Normally, the minimize button allows users to minimize the program to the taskbar. However, this program enables users to choose whether to minimize to taskbar or minimize to the system tray. This option is available using the context menu which may can be accessed by right-clicking on the minimize button. Without the program installed in the system, right-clicking on the minimize button will produce no effect.

TrayMin Application creates an icon in the system tray which allows users to access the program. Minimized programs may be viewed by hovering the mouse over the application icon. Users may likewise maximize or restore the minimized programs by clicking the right mouse button while hovering over the TrayMin Application icon. Aside from maximize, restore, and close options, the program also allows users to transfer the minimized program from the system tray to the taskbar. Thus, no longer does the user need to maximize the program before minimizing it normally for it to end up on the task bar. The program can also minimize two copies of one program window without confusing the two. This is possible using the instance count feature.