Travel Agency

Boolat Games (Shareware)

Travel Agency is a vacation-themed time management game developed by the company, Boolat Games. In this game, the player takes on the role of a female character who just left her job in the corporate world to put up her own travel agency. The main task of the player is to make sure that all the customers are happy by attending to their needs on time. Each customer has a different temperament and set of preferences, so the player must be able to manage all of these factors within a given time period. The customers’ needs are displayed in thought bubbles, and the faster they are all addressed, the more points the player earns. Each level entails a specific monetary goal, which the player must reach in order to progress in the game.

Customers of the travel agency inquire about various vacation packages for their perfect getaway. The player must provide them with these packages lest they lose their patience and even make a scene. The agency employs several worker characters, all of whom the player must also control. In order for these workers to perform their tasks and not slack off, the player must keep their stamina levels high at all times.