Transparent Menus

MooO (Freeware)

Transparent Menus were created and released by MooO back in 2010. These literally are transparent menus that can be installed on any computer system. Unlike traditional menus, these ones are transparent as the name says. Users have the ability to navigate through their files and other computer data while enjoying the view of their desktop, Internet browsers, or what is on the screen before a menu is clicked.

Aside from the aesthetic value that comes with MooO's Transparent Menus, there are users that consider the application as a program that offers something more than the provision of a more visually pleasing way of viewing and selecting available files and data on the computer. Aside from providing users with transparent menu interfaces, the program also makes it possible for them to alter the colors of the menus as desired. There are users that rely on this application for the look. However, there are also other users who rely on the program because of its ability to prevent a particular window's contents from being obscured. Some of the key features of this program include the following:

• Multiple transparency settings
• Menu configuration tools
• Palette options/Color schemes
• Skin options and downloads
• Interface language options