Transmute Pro

Darq Software (Shareware)

Transmute Pro is an application used for bookmark conversion. Features include bookmark organizing, synchronizing, cleaning, and updating. Favorites and bookmarks may be transferred  to virtually any type of web browser.  Bookmark formats include Mozilla Firefox, Opera, Konqueror, Google Chrome, Apple Safari, Microsoft Internet Explorer, Flock, XBEL, SeaMonkey, and Chromium.

A number of program features enable users to organize, sort, remove duplicates from and synchronize bookmark portfolios. New and advanced computers users can easily use the program. Bookmark collections may also be overwritten. Program commands include update, synchronize, add, and mirror bookmarks.  Bookmark collections may also be automatically backed-up when adjustments are made on them. With the program’s advanced mode one can designate authentication parameters, and command the program to generate a bookmark collection if it is lacking. The sorting mode enables a user to arrange all bookmarks and folders according to name, in reversed order, creation date, and last modification date.  Duplicate and empty folders may be deleted, as well as bookmarks whose websites are unreachable. The program uses low to medium amount of system memory and CPU, copies bookmarks quickly, and has an efficient response time. The application can also be used with popular bookmark web services such as Google Bookmarks, Delicious/Yahoo!, and Delicious.