Transmute 2.5.0

Darq Software (Freeware)

Transmute is a bookmark manager developed by Darq Software and released on October 2011. This program enables users to manage bookmarks and transfer them from one browser to another. Users may transfer whole bookmark collections automatically without the need for transferring them one by one from browser to browser. This program provides support for more than a dozen Internet browsers including Google Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera, and Safari.

Transmute features an Explorer-like bookmark management user interface. To initiate the transfer, users only need to specify the To and From browser choices and click Start. The program automatically recognizes the bookmark source folder for most browsers. However, if the source folder is not recognized automatically, the user can specify the local folder to be used. The program also recognizes duplicate bookmarks and offers to delete the duplicate during transfer.

The Transmute user interface shows two tabs on the left panel—Explore and Tools. Explore tab features the different browsers supported by the program. The top panel shows Options, Language, Help, and About. The main window shows the bookmark manager for the selected browser from the left panel. The top panel of the bookmark manager features buttons for Save, Browse Up, Visit, New Folder, New Bookmark, and Delete. The left panel shows the tree directory for the selected folder. The main table shows the saved bookmarks with their corresponding names and URLs.