Transmission Remote GUI 4.1

Yury Sidorov (Freeware)

Transmission Remote GUI is a cross-platform Transmission BitTorrent client daemon front-end developed by Yury Sidorov and released on May 2009. This program enables users to download files from online sources through torrent.  

Transmission Remote GUI features a typical torrent client interface showing a multi-window display. The upper left hand box shows the types of torrents—Downloading, Completed, Active, and Inactive. The upper right hand window shows the torrents in the selected torrent type. This box also shows the corresponding file size, download status, number of seeds, number of peers, and upload speed. The lower half of the interface shows a tabbed window for General information, Trackers, Peers, and Files. Transmission Remote GUI users may check the Peers tab to check some information regarding the peers hosting the torrent downloads. Users may see the percentage of peers from a certain country, the torrent client types they use, as well as the Up speed. The Files tab shows the files included in a selected torrent file as well as their corresponding sizes and download priority. The Add New Torrent enables users to customize the destination folder, as well as the particular files to be downloaded.  Transmission Options features three tabs—Download, Network, and Bandwidth. Users may also customize the network settings under the Networks tab by setting the incoming port, type of encryption, and global peer limit.