Translator Boomerang 1.09.01

Mouser (Freeware)

Translator Boomerang or Google Translator Boomerang is a translation application that allows users to translate words to different languages. The program supports over 40 languages. It works by making use of Google Translate engine in order to translate the text. It possesses a plain and intuitive user interface, with a layout that is easy to understand and navigate. This makes it an ideal program for both beginners and advanced users. The computer must be connected to the Internet in order for the application to work. The application also comes with a comprehensive help file that users can read to learn more about the features of the application and how to use them.

The application’s main user interface is divided into three sections. The upper part of the main window is where users can paste or type in the text to translate. Afterwards, users have to select the source language of the text and choose the language to translate it to. There are also options for copying the text to the clipboard, showing each step of the translation, and others. After setting the configurations, users can click on the Translate Now button to start the process. The translated text will be displayed at the bottom part of the application’s main window.