Oracle EMEA (Freeware)

Oracle EMEA is a program development subsidiary of the Oracle Corporation. One of the computer applications that can be attributed to the company's efforts is the TranslationHub. The TranslationHub software is a translation tool that is database oriented. The Oracle Corporation makes applications called Oracle Forms and Oracle Reports readily available. These are document processing applications. The TranslationHub program simply makes it possible for users of such applications to translate the forms into any language other than the standard English that they are configured to use. The user can translate these forms into any language that is supported by the products from the Oracle Corporation.

With the TranslationHub program, it is possible for people to translate English preset Oracle forms into other languages including Bulgarian and Catalan. There are over forty languages that can be chosen from by those who use the TranslationHub program. This is an application that is available in a standalone installation format and does not need other applications installed in order for it to run. The application can be used by novice computer users, as it has a wizard that helps users set up the application. Users just need to set the necessary configurations for the application before using the program.