AKSoftware (Freeware)

TransBar is a utility program that enables users to adjust the transparency of their desktop taskbar. This program is used to make the desktop wallpaper partially visible to its users. TransBar is lightweight, portable and is readily available for free download from the Internet.

TransBar’s main window has tools that allow users to adjust the transparency of their desktop taskbar as well as other configuration options that would determine how the program should run. Users are provided with a taskbar transparency slider that is used to set the amount of transparency that will be applied to the taskbar. This function displays the percentage of desktop opacity on the right side of the panel. Users can also view the amount of taskbar transparency on the preview area located on the middle portion of the main window. The program also has an options panel where users may select to auto apply the changes done in the transparency of the taskbar and to allow the program to run during startup. TransBar has a dedicated tool that allows users to run the program during startup allowing users to make changes the transparency of the desktop taskbar in case they need to. In addition to the aforementioned features, the main window also has a checkbox that enables or disables the program as well as a separate tab that displays information related to the program such as version, publisher, compatibility, and the programs install directory.