Trainz Paint Shed

AURAN (Proprietary)

Trainz Paint Shed is an application that enables users to customize the appearance of their trains and railroads created using the Trains Railroad Simulator program. This application comes with a set of freight cars and locomotives, including the Alco, Class 37, SW7, Nohab EMD, and the DL500 double. This application comes with a 5-step paint process wizard to help users design their trains and create custom paint schemes easily. With this application, users can also integrate their own motifs and logos to their trains’ design. The program also comes with built-in motifs, slogans, and logos that users can choose from. Users may also add reporting marks and running markers on locomotives.

In addition, this application lets users create their own locomotive design templates using other graphics programs, such as Adobe Photoshop. Users can also download free additional templates from the site. The templates consist of a series of files, each representing a particular part of a locomotive. There is one file for the front of the train, another for the side, and so on. Trainz Paint Shed has a simple interface that is easy to use; users can simply point and click on the colors on the palette and styles they want to apply to their locomotives and freight units. The changes are done in real-time so users can immediately see the effect of the colors on the trains.