Tradewinds Legends

WildTangent, Inc. (Shareware)

Tradewinds Legends is a trading simulation computer game from Sandlot Games. The game lets the user manage an empire, control its trade, and negotiate with enemies or make them unprofitable. At the start of the game, it lets the player choose one of the 4 main characters. Each has a unique ability that can affect the overall gameplay. Alternatively, there is also the option to create a new character. The player starts in one of the ports in either the Mediterranean Sea or the Indian Ocean. As the game progresses, more ports are opened. After some time, land ports are also opened. The game has around 100 tasks to complete.

Tradewinds Legends starts out as a historical-themed trading simulation game. This is because of the setting and the characters that can be played. After some time, the game introduces fantasy and magical elements in the gameplay. These include the introduction of flying vessels, phoenix creatures, and genies.

Tradewinds Legends have 3 game modes. The first one is story mode, which is mentioned above. The second is free trade mode. In this mode, the player begins trading right away. The third is multiplayer mode, wherein the player can play against other players.