Trade Mania

Dekovir Entertainment (Shareware)

Trade Mania is a real estate trading game that was developed by Dekovir Entertainment. The game was first released in 2011. In the game, the goal is to be the biggest real estate agent in the whole world. Players get to travel to different locations and sell properties. The game is in the form of a game board and players must spin the wheel and make a move. Players also go against computer characters to see who the best real estate agent is.

On the game screen, players get to choose from Seattle, Paris, and New York. These are the locations where properties can be purchased. In each location, there are certain requirements to fulfil, such as transport a certain number of products, beat the competition, and reach a certain amount of revenue. Throughout the game, there are natural disasters and financial challenges that pop up. Players must strategize and go through these challenges in order to be the victor. In addition, players may get special cards that give them an advantage against their opponents. The more properties the player owns, the more chances of getting more revenue. Opponents who land on the player’s properties must pay a certain amount.