Tracks Eraser Pro 8.88

Acesoft (Shareware)

Track Eraser Pro is a security tool developed by Acesoft. The program is used to clean the tracks of computer activities. The user can clean-up Internet history and erase cookies. The program also allows date from browser caches and auto-complete memory to be erased. The application can clean-up data saved on the system. The program can be used to delete stored data in the Temp Folder. Information written on search or run history can be erased as well. The saved history can also be cleaned-up. In addition, the recycle bin can be emptied thoroughly.

Tracks Eraser Pro allows file overwriting to avoid recovery. The program provides options for deleting files. It allows the scheduling of file deletion, depending on the preference of the user. Selected files can be deleted upon start up. The user can also schedule the procedure to start prior to shut down. Files can also be deleted between startup and shutdown as set by the user. The program can be combined with File Shredder for overwriting procedures. There are different modes and tools that the user can choose as well:

• Boss Key- this tool allows the program to be hidden from another computer user
• Stealth Mode- this tool allows deletion of files without sounds
• Test Mode- this tool allows users to review  activities that should be deleted