Tracks Eraser Plugin Maker

acesoft (Bundled)

Tracks Eraser Plugin Maker is an application that comes free of charge with the Track Eraser application. The Tracks Eraser application allows users to erase their history data such as cache, cookies, history, typed websites, recent documents, run history, search history, and others. It has a Test Now function, which allows users to review the details of the file that will be erased before it is actually erased. The Plug-in maker on the other hand, gives the flexibility to create plug-ins for the applications that need frequent erasing.

To make plug-ins with Tracks Eraser Plugin Maker, the user can access the application on the start menu once it has been installed with the Tracks Eraser Pro. There are three main sections on the main interface: Registry Entry(s), File(s) and Folder items, and Test. To add a registry item on the registry section, the user can click on the Add button. The Registry key can be entered on the bar presented or it can be looked up and selected using the Launch Registry Editor tab. The user can also make up rules to determine the keys will be erased. The Add File(s) and Folder menu functions almost the same as the Registry key section, except that files and folders are selected and not registry keys.