Tracker Checker 2

Marko (Freeware)

Tracker Checker 2 is the 2nd refined installment of the same program developed by Marko. This utility program automatically checks and monitors private and elusive torrent sites at the same time with less effort on the part of the users. Private torrents are generally more difficult to find than publicly available torrents, which most torrent sites present. Tracker Checker checks the private list and comes up with better yielding results.

The utility program can keep track of a wide search. All users need to do is narrow down the results to the categories that are most appealing to their individual preferences. Every sign up that the program verifies can pop-up in a tray below the monitor. Clicking on the button, adding new trackers that complement the list gathered, and removing unused lists can be done through the interface.

Tracker Checker 2 can detect an extensive list of trackers by simply entering the tracker name reference followed by the site's URL on signup. Immediately follow through with a text search string. If signups are closed, a negative sign will pop up. By using the method above, users will be notified once the negative text does not appear. Pop-ups can also be modified according to the most convenient time for users to view the list of newly open signup trackers.