Lauterbach GmbH (Proprietary)

TRACE32 is a set of niche software programs for debugging various devices with embedded-systems. There are several versions of this program, each one specifically created for different microprocessor types, hardware kernels and operating systems.  All versions, however, function as an in-circuit-debugger (ICD) program. It helps programmers check the codes of embedded system-on-a-chip software system for errors or faulty processes.

As an in-circuit-debugger, this software is also part-hardware. It is attached as an extra circuitry into processors to debug the implanted software. ICD is much preferable than ICE (In-circuit Emulators) because it directly controls the device’s processor and not just emulate it. There is no need to physically replace and test different types of processors when this program is already integrated in the circuitry.

TRACE32 debug system can do read/write CPU register functions and read/write memory. As well as perform real time and single step executions of commands. For some processors, not all, this program can also test hardware breakpoints and trigger other features.

As a microprocessor development tool, this software supports NEXUS, ETM, OCDS, JTAG AND BDM logic standards. It can be used to debug any ARM-based processors that are usually found in smart devices like Android phones, tablets and new TV sets with embedded computer systems. Even gadgets with multi-core processors can still benefit from using this product. TRACE32 can do multiprocessor debugging with full on-flash programming using advanced assembler machine-level scripting.  It is also RTOS (Real Time Operating System) aware so this program can do perform more features specific to the processor it is presently debugging.