Toy Soldiers

Signal Studios (Proprietary)

Toy Soldiers is a strategy and simulation game developed by the company, Signal Studios. It takes place in numerous dioramas found inside various rooms in the house, all of which possess a World War I theme.  It can be played in both single player and multiplayer mode, although the object of the game is the same in both cases – to prevent enemies who are trying to attack the toy box. Each diorama features British and German army forces, and the player must choose which side s/he is going to control. Once a unit is selected, the opponents automatically become controlled by AI, and the player must use the tower defense approach to fight for supremacy.

At the beginning of the game, the player is given a limited amount of resources to start with, but money can be earned by killing enemies. This money can be spent on upgrading and repairing defenses, provided that the player has already unlocked upgrades during the course of the game. The Campaign mode features various World War I scenarios such as the Battle of Ancre and Battle of Polygon Woods. In this game mode, the player must hold off hoards of enemies and defeat one of the bosses in a “boss fight”. Players can also set the difficulty level of their game from casual to elite.